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The Town Independence was formed in 1821 from part of the town of Alfred.  It was reduced by the formation of the towns of Andover and Willing.  At one time it was called Green’s Corners after Luther Green who settled here in 1820, but the hamlet of Whitesville was named in honor of Samuel S White, an early prominent citizen who settled here in 1819.  It is said that Samuel, a native of Hopkinton, Rhode Island, arrived here with just $2.50 in cash and an ax.  He married Nancy Teater and together through industry and frugality he accumulated property which at his death in 1860 was worth $80,000 including a hotel.  Other people in the town’s history include John Cryder, who in 1798 built a house and sawmill here but who drifted away leaving his name to the creek running between Whitesville and Genesee. Permanent settlers began arriving in the area approximately 20 years later.  Oliver Babcock located in the north part of town. David Wilson, born in Massachusetts moved here with his wife, five sons and two daughters.  John Teater became a land agent for the township and took 400 acres of land on the hills north of Cryder Creek.  Many other families began to settle in the area: Stephen Boyce, Joseph Bledsoe, John Livermore, Beriah Crandall, Alvah Wood, Daniel Remington, Nathaniel Covell, and David Wilcox are just a few of the names associated with the settlement.


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